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Our Situation

We’ve been dreading this day for a long time…maybe months now. When we first launched the tale of four strangers from the ‘quiet corners of the globe’ on January 17th of last year, little did we know that it would actually REACH those corners. Over a million visitors have graced the halls of our humble virtual home, which has resulted in thousands of eager and supportive fans worldwide.

We’re overwhelmed.

Every kind word in our guestbook…every crazed post on the forum…every loving (and critical) e-mail that hits our Inbox…is TREASURED.

We watched in awe as our viewership soared, and the saintly gospel swept through Canada and the States – and then England and Ireland – and then Australia and New Zealand – and then Italy and France – and then Denmark and Germany – and then Belgium and the Netherlands – and then Brazil and Puerto Rico – and Mexico and Argentina – and Korea and China – and Japan and the Philippines – and…

Well…you get the picture.

With the kind support of Switch Interactive during the project’s genesis, we were able to establish our presence and stand proud on our virtual soapbox. When we branched out on our own, we quit our jobs and made BS a full-time devotion. We never worried or complained about imminent poverty - it just seemed to be the thing to do when you’re passionate about sharing something with the world. Month after month, the bandwidth costs have chipped away at our savings, equipment needed to be replaced/upgraded, and rent had to be paid. We’ve applied for grants and loans, tightened our belts by three notches, and cashed in on every favour imaginable. We’ve made it this far…

And now we need your help. We’re 2/3 finished the story. Including help from Switch Interactive, family and friends, and our own pockets, the project has cost over $50 000 to date. Simple math leads us to our only conclusion: we need $25 000 to finish Broken Saints, or else we have to shut down the site.

Yes…unfortunately, you DID read correctly: $25 000

It’s really hard for us to even consider asking for your help like this. Maybe we can all think of this as a Pledge Drive – one where you personally benefit. So far, we have delivered over FIVE HOURS of powerful, intelligent, and quality storytelling. That’s like the entertainment value of 3 Hollywood films – or half a season of TV – or a year’s worth of comics. Is Broken Saints on par with what you see in movies, on TV, or in the funny books? Do you want to see the remaining 4+ hours of the story? From your comments, the answer would seem to be a resounding “YES”. So please…we’re begging you…

Put your money where your mouth is.


Ways you can help

We’ve tried to make it as painless as possible. Below are three options for sending some support our way:

1) PAYPAL is the first, as it seems to be the most common method of leaving ‘tips’ online. It’s a secure site, so you don’t have to worry about your private info being scoped. If you’re a US citizen then it’s one basic step with your credit card. If you’re from anywhere else, then follow the simple (remember, it’s a US site ;) ) instructions on creating an International Account.

2) Send us a cheque. This option is easy for all involved, and if you give us a return address then we’ll do our best to send you something special as a token of our thanks. Please fill out the date, amount, and your siggy – but leave the name area BLANK (as we don’t have an actual company or anything…we’ll just be using it to pay down our bandwidth account). Our anthrax-free addy is:

Broken Saints

#302-230 West 4th Street

North Vancouver, BC


V7M 1H6


3) Buy some goodies and spread the word! After numerous requests, we’ve finally opened up a BROKEN SAINTS STORE at Café Press. Click on the url to see scads of quality goodies - shirts, mousepads, hats, mugs, and more – and order what you fancy from their secure site. There’s a minimal mark-up on the stuff, but every little bit helps. This might be the best option for those of you who just don’t feel comfortable sending three freaky strangers some cash.

Just think:

- if 250 people could bless us with $100 (2 videogames, 10 movies, or 10 trade paperbacks)
- or 500 people could spare $50 (one videogame, 4 movies with popcorn, or 10 premium comics)
- or 1000 people could scrounge up $25 ( a used game, 2 movies with treats, or 10 regular comics)
- or 2500 people could spot us $10 ( 3 game rentals, 1 movie, or 4 comics)
- or 5000 people could drop $5 (a toy with your Happy Meal, 2 Cokes at a movie, or one Playboy)

And that's not even taking into account our CELEBRITY fans!!!

(that's right, J-Lo....$25,ooo to you is nothing but some Prada shoes and a booty wax)


So show us some love...lend us a hand...and let the WORD remain BOND!!!

Andrew West

Ian Kirby

Brooke Burgess



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Your kindness will not be forgotten.